5 most common mistakes in mobile app development

Mobile app development has many common pitfalls. In This article I will go over some of these oversights as well as the recommended approach to remedy your development process. With competition levels between app developers still on the rise, every aspect in your application can be your advantage or your downfall.     It’s important

Why And How To Improve Your App User Retention Rate

User retention is growing ever so important, especially today, when there are so many other options. With unprecedented access to reviews, rankings, and recommendations, users are quick to jump to the next app, the one they think will serve them best. Retention is also a huge factor in your ability to monetize your traffic, making

5 must use free android components libraries

The Android platform brings powerful features to a wide range of devices. Can you believe there are over 20,000 and counting? The need to ensure compatibility and provide software developers with a wide range of tools had led to the creation of a diverse array of Android Components Libraries. Knowing how to make the most

5 Mobile App Development Tools That Will Boost Your Process

In the past, developing a basic and simple mobile app for both Android and iOS was a huge challenge. Accommodating different form factors and programming languages proved difficult and costly when designing apps from scratch. A developer is like a Baseball pitcher. His different pitches are the coding languages he writes in. Now imagine trying

7 Useful Tutorials For iOS app Development

Who says you can’t create your own iPhone app? Over the last eight years, app development has become a huge industry with increasing demand and growth. In fact, there are 8.7 million mobile app developers globally. So if you’re yearning to start developing apps, but you don’t know where to start, i’m here to help,