5 must use free android components libraries

The Android platform brings powerful features to a wide range of devices. Can you believe there are over 20,000 and counting? The need to ensure compatibility and provide software developers with a wide range of tools had led to the creation of a diverse array of Android Components Libraries. Knowing how to make the most of what is available for the platform today is one of the hallmarks of an astute and successful developer.


Test more efficiently with Robolectric




While some users keep their version up to date, many users lag behind. It had been estimated that the average user is running an Android release that is 18 months old or older. By utilizing Robolectric, developers can efficiently test software with features that have been backported to support previous releases; without using a device or emulator. Robolectric can save developers a lot of time, which has made it a very popular component among developers in the industry.


Picasso: an industry standard Android components for Images




Image-rich content is part of many applications on the market today. Picasso makes it a breeze by offering powerful image downloading and caching tools. By utilizing Picasso’s, you can draw from a wide selection of tutorials and forum posts outlining innovative and clever ways to make the most of this component. Picasso does more than just displaying remote images; it also provides tools for resizing images. This can be a major time-saving feature for applications which must offer images of different dimensions in a way that appears uniform to the end user. Among all the options for android app front end components, Picasso is a long-standing go-to.


Need to engage users and improve your retention rates? build strong relationships with Walkme Apps


WalkMe Apps Android components libraries


WalkMe Apps is a new release from WalkMe Inc. which specializes in UX and online guidance. The SDK enables creation, integration and instant deployment of various user engaging and retaining components, such as welcome push notifications, onboarding messages, rate my app features, premium upgrades, new features intros and more. the platform is free for indie-developers and offers a useful and simple live-tracking tool as well.


Needing to map an API into a client interface? Retrofit makes it simpler


Retrofit is an Android Components library which offers a powerful framework for both interacting with and authenticating APIs; and for sending network requests via OkHttp. By utilizing this library, you can download JSON or XML data from a web API in a simple and easy way. Once the data is downloaded it is then parsed into a Plain Old Java Object (POJO); which in turn must be defined for each “resource” in the response. What makes it one of the most popular free Android components is the high level of compatibility you’ll find when working with Retrofit.


Create code with all the ease of a hot knife through butter- with Butterknife




Butterknife is a popular View library for Android. In short, this excellent and useful library writes common standard view code for you based on annotations to save you time, while also significantly reducing the overall number of lines of boilerplate code written in order to make it all happen. Butterknife utilizes “compile-time” annotations which mean no additional costs at run-time. Rather than a slow reflection, the code is generated in advance. The result is that Butterknife does not slow down your app whatsoever.


The clever Android developer knows the value of efficiency- the clients may not know the ins and outs of the Android components libraries used in creating their applications, but your ability to dazzle them with the end result relies on it. Give these components a try and save yourself time and hassle in the process.

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