5 Mobile App Development Tools That Will Boost Your Process

In the past, developing a basic and simple mobile app for both Android and iOS was a huge challenge. Accommodating different form factors and programming languages proved difficult and costly when designing apps from scratch.

A developer is like a Baseball pitcher. His different pitches are the coding languages he writes in. Now imagine trying to throw a fastball curveball and cutter at the same time. This for years was cross platform development. Fortunately on the market now there are many cross platform mobile app development tools that allow you to write code for one app and use it across many platforms.

In the following list, we will cover some very powerful SaaS mobile app development tools that can help you create functional cross-platform mobile apps very quickly and have them published in no time. One thing a lot of these apps has in common is that most software tends to be hosted online nowadays. Back end, front end, analytics, you name it.

I will cover paid licenses as well as some free open source options. Let’s get into some great mobile app development tools.

Appcelerator titanium

Appcelerator is a powerful Javascript based cross-platform mobile app development tool.  It helps to develop apps that can run natively on nearly any device and OS (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and HTML5). Cloud applications host the backend and provide extensive and customizable mobile analytics data.

Current clients include Citibank, Ebay, Paypal and much more. Competitively priced at $39/month for individual licenses, and $259 for more feature packed business options.



This is another cross platform cloud based app development tool. Appscend is a Software as a service product that essentially creates ready-made apps for a content-driven business. You can pick from sleek templates, or customize an app using their code free visual studio.

Appscend uses an XML markup language and PHP framework. The backend services are all hosted on their servers as well. Analytics and marketing services are provided as well. Appscend is a quick and painless way to get a marketing app up on multiple app stores very quickly.

Their basic gold package offers development and hosting of up to 5 apps for $199/ mo. Scales up from there.



For Javascript developers that write their own code, and would like cross-platform usability, Tabris is a useful tool. JS code is sent as JSON packages to iPhone and Android in order to run natively. They also offer a basic online build service.

They have a free to use license, and a very cheap pro option for $5/month.


Adobe PhoneGap

An open source community that specializes in cross-platform mobile app development, the Adobe PhoneGap uses an FOSS environment and basic languages such as HTML and JavaScript. PhoneGap also provides developers with powerful tools that allow manipulation of device hardware options such as the accelerometer, GPS, and camera.

Open source means the license is free to use and there is a lot of enthusiastic online support.


Corona SDK

Another cross-platform development company, Corona SDK has one very special feature – an included physics engine. This is a powerful app for developing 2D mobile games. Easy to learn and test in real-time.

Runs on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook. You can write a single code and export to all platforms.

Free to use for single developers, and $79/month for a small business license.


The days of building native apps from the ground up for each varying platform and form factor may be over. These are powerful tools that make cross platform mobile app development  and hosting very simple and quick.

Am I missing any mobile app development tools that you like? Feel free to drop a comment below.


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