My Top 7 Free Android Games of 2016

After a great 1st half to 2016, I compiled a list of 7 of my favorite and free android games out there in the Google Play Store that I think you will love..

When it comes to free android games, there are a lot of options out there. However, many games will attempt to rope you in with promises of being free, then require payment to get past a certain level.

All of the games that I included on this list have paid features, as well as the opportunity to support the developers should you choose, but at their core, they are all free.


1. Pokémon Go

I can’t write an article about mobile games without bringing up the global phenomenon that hit our phones just a mere 4 weeks ago.

Who hasn’t caught wind of the Pokémon Go hype? If you have not yet played, you have no doubt seen your friends posting about it (or running around with their eyes glued to their screen).

best android games of 2016 - Pokemon go


Pokémon Go is garnering global attention and has surely inspired the rise of many new Pokémon trainers, not just veterans of the old Pokémon Yellow and Red Gameboy games.

Similar to other Pokémon titles, you collect Pokémon and battle other trainers but the Pokémon are actually out there in the real world. The game incorporates elements of augmented reality to plant Pokémon in your surroundings through your phone’s camera lens.

What makes this game so revolutionary is the marriage of smartphone technology with gameplay to create a very engaging and interactive experience.

Disclaimer: Remember to look both ways when crossing the street to capture that Raichu!


2. NBA Live Mobile

Out of all the basketball games released for android thus far, NBA Live Mobile comes the closest to a full console experience.

You can take on the role of GM as you build your team, compete through entire seasons, and even go head to head with friends.

best android games of 2016 - nba live mobile


The graphics are very good and gameplay is smooth. The controls for movement, shooting and passing take only a couple of minutes to get a handle on.

There are many paid upgrades you can make while building your team, but the base version of the game is free. I call this a must for basketball fans.

It is the equivalent of FIFA mobile for soccer.


3. Crossy Road

Part Frogger, part Temple Run, this is a super addictive “cross the street game” with a huge host of customizable characters and options, most notably Korean Gangnam Style star, Psy.

best android games of 2016 - crossy road

There is a wealth of multiplayer options, as well. This is actually a super cool remake of the classic frogger gameplay mechanics and one of the most addicting android games out there.


4. Alto’s Adventure

This is truly a mobile gaming experience that takes it to another level The mechanics and physics of the game are very graceful as you glide down the mountain side doing tricks and gathering up runaway llamas.

The artwork and music are top notch and create a wonderfully satisfying feeling.

best android games of 2016 - alto's adventure


The weather is constantly changing in the background and you get a temporal sense of how long you are on the mountain. The Sun may set, leaving you riding peacefully in the moonlight. Shortly after, you will be treated to a beautiful sunrise. Then, the day may transition to storm clouds and rain.

The attention to detail is spectacular and the best part is that you can pause at any time to capture screenshots.

With over 10 million downloads, the popularity of this free mobile game is well-deserved.


5. Shadow Fight 2

This game feels like a hybrid of Mortal Kombat and Jackie Chan Adventures.

Shadow Fight 2 is a beautiful looking side scrolling fighter with a very intuitive physics engine and fight controls.

The fight backdrops are beautiful and looks like something out of the anime Samurai Champloo.

best android games of 2016 - shadow fight 2


The storyline is pretty basic – your spirit has been ripped from your body, and you must travel across feudal Asia as a shadow to defeat the six demons that now hold domain over the world.

The story and enemies actually flow rather nicely. This is one of the best most mobile fighters out there in my opinion, and of the free options, one of the most fun.


6. Plockit

I would describe Plockit as a mind-bending puzzle that involves a heavy dose of problem solving, coupled with a good sense of visualization.

best android games of 2016 - plockit game

You must get a ball down from the top of a rubiks-cube-looking apparatus by twisting and turning the blocks to allow the ball safe passage.

The in-game music is also supplied by acclaimed Electro-hip hop producer Gramatik, which provides for a great atmosphere.


7. Atomas

Part puzzle game, part chemistry knowledge, part fictional alchemy. This game involves adding atoms to existing elements to create new elements.

best android games of 2016 - atomas

The actual gameplay is a bit tough to explain, but it is based on strategy and symmetry and is something you can easily get the hang of after a few minutes.

This is one of the most unique puzzle games out there and definitely a challenge.

These are just 7 of my personal favorite free mobile android games.

There are a lot of games out there with console-like graphics that really push the processing power of mobile devices, but I chose these because they all have a lot of thought put into their concepts and design.

Oh, and they’re free!

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