Satisfied app users – your app’s most delicate & valuable crop

So you have planted all your trees, but how do you bear the fruit of your labor?

No doubt a large active user base is a crucial metric for your apps ability to grow, survive, and generate profit – but the interaction with those users might be the most valuable aspect of the health of your app altogether.

Creating a unique app community can keep the engine running in a highly competitive market.


Satisfied app users - your app’s most delicate & valuable crop


Why is Your Customer Following So Valuable?

Satisfied app users are the engine for strong organic growth. Growth is a complex solution that involves a give-and-take relationship between the user and the designer.

A strong user community creates depth to your app; it allows users to interact with your business and other app users.

Often it can be your most powerful PR tool. It creates a buzz and a viral following.

Users can share their favorite apps on social media, hook their friends to the app, pay or subscribe for additional features, rate their experiences within app stores, write feedback, send suggestions, detect bugs, test new features.


Satisfied app users - your app’s most delicate & valuable crop


Interaction is a game of physcology as well. The heart of the app is designed for the user, so if we have access to the brain, we have access to invaluable data for growth and improvement.

This data can include feedback that can guide the business in the right direction.

Decision makers can answer so many important questions:
* Does the user like a new feature that was launched?
* What applications are working? What applications are not working?
* Who are my best target audience
* What additional features do the users want?


Satisfied app users - your app’s most delicate & valuable crop


A Community Doesn’t Grow Overnight, Nurturing Followers is Key

The motto ‘What’s in it for us’ is something to keep in mind. A strong app family lets users feel “part of it.” The goal here is to make your customers act as board members, helping to make decisions; so they feel like they have stock.

Some simple steps to achieve this goal could include:

* Customer satisfaction surveys
* Rewards or coupons – Gift Cards or free upgrades in service
* Celebrations of milestones
* Questions and comments to make improvements
* Live group forums and demos

Combined, the user is involved and invested in the future of the application – they are rooting for its success. a satisfied user will be excited for what is next, they will be the first to download your next app.


Satisfied app users - your app’s most delicate & valuable crop


How to Know When the Fruit is Ripe for Picking

So we discussed why your user community is important and some tools for engaging that community, but the timing of this is everything. For example, if you are asking a user to rate or review your app, make sure it is executed only after they have been engaged in your app for at least a few weeks or through a few milestones.

Make engagement natural. Tools such as push notifications or syncing of social media platforms are a great means of interaction as well.

It is also important to keep in mind that you give the user some control in engagement, allow them to turn off or on push notifications and surveys.

Let them come to you.


Satisfied app users - your app’s most delicate & valuable crop


A Full Basket

Viral applications are composed of a large quantity of users, but it is the apps quality of users and the user community, that separates it from the masses.

It is how you transform a group of individuals who simply download and use your application, into a devout group of followers.

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