The Best Free App Store Rating Hacks

Let me set the scene for you. You are a new company that has released a brand new app. It is helpful, efficient, and has a great design. You cannot wait
for users to try it out. Here is where your problems begin. Because you are debuting a new app, there are no ratings. With no ratings, you will not be able
to get the number of downloads that you would like. The app store ratings system does seem stacked against the newcomer. As ODB says in the song “Triumph”
by the Wu Tang Clan “The saga continues”.

Luckily, you can growth hack your way to greatness in the app store and everyone will be able to see how wonderful your new app is. We will look at some
tips and tricks in a minute, but first some background. Growth hacking is, simply put, the crossroads between creative marketing, data analytics and
testing, and software engineering and automation. It takes the most useful aspects of those three plans and synthesizes them to create a new tool in your
belt to get to greatness in the app store.

1) Just Ask!

Simply asking your customers to rate your app may go a long way in getting you started. However, users sometimes forget to rate and developers sometimes
forget to ask for ratings. Employ a pop up to encourage your users to leave a rating. Don’t make it appear every two seconds, because that can actually
hurt your ratings. A tasteful pop up however won’t hurt, and you could wind up with a windfall of ratings which will give you a big boost in the app store.

2) Reward your users for their ratings.

If you provide users with an incentive, they will be more likely to rate your app. The “what’s in it for me” mentality kicks in here. So, provide your
users with something in exchange for their rating. Whether it’s an ad-free experience, or coins/free plays if your app is a game, a little something will
go a long way in encouraging your users to give you a rating to bump you up a bit in the app store.

3) Keep improving to keep climbing the ranks in the app store.

The most important suggestion, we kept for last. The better your app is, the more likely people are to rate it. If you strive to improve your app, you will
notice that you will no longer have to ask users for their reviews and they will begin to start leaving them willingly. While growth hacking is important,
the most important thing is obviously having a great app that people want to use. Make this your priority.

I hope that these tips have helped in your quest to create and promote your app. The app store can be a bit of a jungle and gaining visibility is no small
feat. However, when those ratings start to come in, you will see the upward mobility of your app and will become addicted to the feeling of seeing that app
rise. So get to work today on putting together a growth hacking platform that will work best for you and your app.

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